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Who Is The Big Eater?
Who is the Big eater? I don't know. But, we will see! (More)
Art Gallery
We went to Art Gallery Center to have a wonderful art tour at Friday Oct 5th . At there, the instructor introduced each piece of art and each author. I felt peaceful and serene after seeing slowly these paintings.   More)
The Museum of Modern Art(MOMA)
My classmates and I went to New York to visit MOMA during the pacing break. There were a lot of marvelous works, such as "The Starry Night" ,"The Dream ", and so on. More)
Cirque Eloize#Hotel
This was my first time to join social activity to watch the "Cirque Eloize" show. I think that watching a performance is a good way to take a rest during inte (More)
School event # Lehigh GO
This was my first time to join school concert. At that day, It was very cold outside. The temperature was  dropping below three Celsius degree. However, It didn't decrease Lehigh students' passion. It was a Crzay Thursday! More)
Welcome and Birthday Cake
Cake is one of my favorite things. 🙂 More)
Human Addiction
I was presenting a brief about Human Addicion in Language Focus Workshop Class. Human addicition is a kind of brain disorder which is characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimulating despite adverse consequences. In this presenta (More)

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