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#1 Project: Student Activism in Lehigh
This is my presentation about Peace Fest Activism in Lehigh University. Unfortunetly, at that time, I did'nt had the record of me talking, so I recorded it by myself. I enjoyed presenting this project, because I learned a lot of things that will (More)
First news paper at Speaking & Listening
  Every Tuesday, we have to read a newspaper and give a brief summary to share between us. So, I felt really proud of myself, it's th (More)
First photo at Lehigh Valley
Beauty of Lehigh I really like this photo, because it reminds me to a hil (More)
Panel Discussion
On Thursday 1st Aug. we had our panel discussion. I'm the introducer, so I had a important role at that panel discussion. Our discussion was about Student Hierarc (More)
#5 News paper
This is the final news paper. I was shocked, because how can a normal person throw $23,000 in a bin? but I had the same situation.I left my f (More)
VR Tour
Those photos and videos were taken by Mrs. Elena. Me and my classmates went to try VR, and have a tour in my home town and talk about famous places or structures in my h (More)
#4 News paper article
Each week, I find a interesting News article to discuss with my teacher. I post it because it's kind of funny, and I really laughed when I r (More)
#2 News Paper
I really liked the news because it was emotional, and effective. New idea, it is the first time that I see it. I post it in order to show wha (More)
#3 News Paper
I posted it because I feel that it is important to inform people how Ultra-processed food can effect us. And also because i'm fat, and I don' (More)
Self Reflection for Speaking and Listening
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
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