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Self Reflection for Speaking and Listening
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Body Language
I never know that we have used so many body language meaning before attaining this class. (More)
"The DOPE bird personality test is one of those “don’t have to have a psychologist,” fun, and useful tools that I’ve permanently added to my personal development (More)
One Stone Column
I stand tall and upright, survey the sky from an elevated position. When the wind sweeps and the rain batters, I would not fall down. Rainfall makes me sour (More)
Idioms for Crime
This was the last class in speaking and listening course. In this class, everyone had presented different type of idioms. For example, May was presenting about relationships idioms, Zhe was presenting about clothing idioms and etc. My presentat (More)
Introduction of My life
In this presentation, I was introducting about my life and my career to let everyone know much about me in the beginning of speaking and listening class. I had made five new friends and knew about their background during this class [embeddoc ur (More)
Concrete Work
This was a interesting work. When I was looking for social advocacy issue, our instructor taught us that we could make this kind of issue into concrete work. Then, I found an article that was talking about electric car's crisis because we are using l (More)

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