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Welcome to the team, Jonny Valenzuela!
Great to have a new face join our team expand on our synthesis capabilities! Welcome Jonny and look forward to many fruitful discussions and hope to create some big single crystal nitrides using the Li-flux approach! (More)
Congrats on your Master's Chris!
Well deserved and hard-earned: congrats on getting a fancy, shiny Master's degree! Hope all the hard work and corrosion testing will be buttoned up in a nice publication for broader consumption. Thanks for all the detailed-focused work and perseverin (More)
Onward and forward: Pedram graduates with M.S.!
While we are sad to see Pedram leave the group, we understand the difficulty the situation has put the entire group in. We wish him all the best as he pursues his Ph.D. at PennState now and hope to continue to collaborate for many years to come! Grea (More)
Welcome to the Team: Eddie Jeffs and Kristine Phan!
Great to expand the team to tackle the many fun LabView coding-related challenges. Fingers crossed we can hack away and squash all those bugs! (More)
Welcome to the Team: Jacob Dooley!
Always great to expand the team and get some new hands on deck. Let's welcome Jacob to the fold and cheer him on as he researches the world of boron nitride growth. Welcome! (More)
Reinforcement has arrived: Sebastian Galdamez
Research is always more fun if you can work as a team, so let's welcome Sebastian to the LabView Programming team! Let's see if they can successful walk the treacherous path of LabView coding ... (More)
Welcome Julio Martinez-Cuin!
Summer has arrived and students want to get their hands dirty in designing circuits and control systems. Julio will come and get us straight in the world of LabView and other control circuitry. Great stuff and looking forward to a productive summer! (More)
Thanks Brian Caruso!
Let's give Brian a high-five for joining the team for the summer and a big thanks for his help in getting all the thermocouples wires and connectors ready for primetime! (More)
Welcome Pedram Yousefian!
Pedram Yousefian is one of two inaugural team members. He comes to us from University of North Florida with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Great things to look forward to after the lab is constructed. Thanks for taking a chance on a new group (More)
Welcome Chris Mascetti!
Great news! Chris Mascetti has decided to join our team while finishing up his undergraduate studies. Looking forward to a productive time together! (More)
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