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Dr. Johnson featured in Lehigh News: "The Impact of the #MeToo Era on Recovery and Resistance"
Click the above image to check out the full article! (More)
Dr. Johnson shared her ideas on what to talk about in therapy with SELF magazine
  Dr. Johnson shared her ideas with SELF magazine on "What to Do When You Don’t Know What to (More)
Dr. Johnson was quoted in The 19th News calling for more attention and resources for women of color who go missing
Kenny Still Smoking visits the grave of his 7-year-old daughter, Monica, who disappeared from school in 1979 and was found frozen on a mountain. (More)
Dr. Johnson provided insight into how to help yourself when you feel irritable and depressed in SELF magazine
5 Things That Can Help When You Feel Irritable and Depressed - Please click the picture to check out this article! (More)
Dr. Johnson was quoted in SELF magazine talking about depression and relationships
7 Ways to Maintain Relationships When You're Depressed (More)
Dr. Johnson wrote a piece in support of changing AWP's name
Check out the full statement here in the AWP summer newsletter (More)
Resistance Lab Members' Research Featured in WE REP STEM (More)
Resistance Lab Researchers featured in Association for Women in Psychology's Newsletter
Claire Siepser, Morgan J. Benner, Natania S. Lipp, Nicole L. Johnson's work on Disrupting Rape Culture featured in the AWP newsletter (More)
Rape Culture and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election (More)
The Resistance Lab Research Featured in Neuroscience News
Summary: Study links acceptance of violent attitudes toward women and more tolerance to ‘rape culture’ with a person’s presidential candidate support in the 2016 election. (More)
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