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Dr. Johnson and MaryBeth's research on bisexual women and violence featured in Teen Vogue
Dr. Johnson featured in the Association for Women in Psychology Fall Newsletter
In the Association for Women in Psychology Fall Newsletter, Dr. Nicole "Nicki" Johnson's piece describes the caucus name change to "Non-Binary Sexual & Gender Diversity" to "strengthenĀ the inclusivity of gender and sexual minorities within AWP." (More)
The Resistance Lab Transparency Campaign highlighted
Dr. Johnson talks about Gender Based Violence on Twitch.TV check it out! (More)
Study: Political Campaigns May Influence Societal Acceptance Of Violence Against Women (More)
Lehigh's Queer History Highlights the Resistance Lab
Define it! A program implemented by the Resistance Lab was the first ever research study conducted by a faculty member studying the experiences of Lehigh's LGBTQ+ students. Check out the rest of Lehigh's Queer History with the link below! More)
Dr. Johnson named to the Frank Hook Professorship (More)
Expanding Access to Lehigh Valley LGBT History (More)
The Resistance Lab Members are Working on an LGBTQ Community Archive
The Resistance Lab at Queer in Africa
The Resistance Lab presented our comparative analysis of the existent social science literature on queer persons experiences across Africa. It was a pleasure to be at such an important event with such brilliant scholars, activists, and scholar-activi (More)
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