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Last Day in Makeni 🙁
Well folks, we have reached the final day in Makeni. Tomorrow we will be off to Freetown to meet with the World Health Organization and meet with our other worker for Ukweli, Allieu. To start off the day, the team finalized the messaging packets tha (More)
Radio AMZA and a Radio
The team didn’t leave the Makambo until 10:00 AM and that was a true blessing. Hassan called me at 9:22 AM saying he was already at the office so that kind of sucked but we did tell him 10:30 AM, so I accept minimal fault. I have definitely learned t (More)
8/15/19 - Bucket Hat to the Max!
Today was an quite a mixed bag of a day. The team arose at an early hour in order to get a jump on a full day of work. We left for the World Hope office at 8:00 AM. A blow occurred in the early hours of the day. The team had to tell Hassan that the m (More)
8/9/19- Happy Friday!
Happy Friday! The Ukweli team started the day going to a Peripheral Health Unit. First, we visited Masangbo, a Community Health Clinic where we introduced our test strip to several nurses. We were joined by the Safe Motherhood Documentary and Sickle (More)
8/5/2019- Back in Makeni
We made it to Sierra Leone for fieldwork 2019!! Our team could not be more excited to be in Makeni to work on our social venture, Ukweli Test Strips - and with three new team members with us this time. We landed in sunny, humid Freetown late Sunday a (More)
Summer 2016: Arriving in Sierra Leone
May 12, 2016 | Summer 2016 Penn State Team Before arrival, many important preparations wer (More)
August 4th, 2018 Trip to the waterfall
Today we drove to a beautiful waterfall on our day off. It was national cleaning day in Sierra Leone which means that everyone has to stay at home and clean their house till 12, and then they are allowed to go out. The drive to the waterfal (More)
August 3rd, 2018 Kambai
Today we traveled to Kambai to meet up with 115 CHWs who were gathering to receive their stipend and learn proper breastfeeding techniques to combat child malnutrition. We first met with a midwife who has been working in Kambai clinic for 6 year (More)
August 2nd, 2018 visit to Kambai and Binkolo
Today we first met with the head of the PHUs of Kambai. His name is Abdul K. Kamara, and have gave us a good amount of insight on to how to develop and integrate our venture in Bombali and Kareneh districts. He was familiar with Ukweli, and stressed (More)
August 1st 2018, Field day 1
This morning we finalized and printed out The CHW Ukweli job responsibilities sheets. We planned on giving these sheets to CHWs and other clinic workers, asking their opinion and advice on how to improve them. Our goal of these sheets is to inform CH (More)
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