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Week #6: Save Tuba Partners' Purpose and Value! - Blog #6 Fall 2021
Our Save Tuba partners... How would we organize these potential partnerships in terms of the purpose they serve and the value they create? And, in simple words explain how it would work. For each partner... Why should they partner with you (More)
Week #5: How will we leverage various types of organizations to advance the larger dream behind our project? - Blog #5 Fall 2021
How will we leverage various types of organizations to advance the larger dream behind your project? Organization types - Nonprofits: Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural, Social, and Educational Development (KFCSED) is a nonprofit organizati (More)
Week #4: Ethical Decision-Making and Grassroots Diplomacy - Blog #4 Fall 2021
Part 1: Ethical Decision-Making Step 1: Determine the facts in the situation - obtain all of the unbiased facts possible. Clearly state the ethical issue.  HIV/AIDS is prominent in the region and the risk of transmission to a child increases ov (More)
Week #3: Grassroots Diplomacy Strategy Development Methodology - Blog #3 Fall 2021
Grassroots Diplomacy Strategy Development Methodology  The facts in the situation -  Jack is an American student at a youth center in Kenya Jack will be staying for five months and is (presumably) at the beginning of his time there Gifts (More)
Week #2: Lesotho Ethics Case - Blog #2 Fall 2021
Lesotho Ethics Case Step 1: The Facts. Bringing 10 researchers to Lesotho in Southern Africa to conduct research Will travel throughout Lesotho for a 2 week duration to different communities Need to test their water source for a harmf (More)
Week #1: State of Save Tuba - Blog #1 Fall 2021
State of Save Tuba - Blog #1 FALL 2021 App development  Coding  Most significant milestone: Fully coded level 5, which was used as a demo for the Kazakh officials that will help integrate the app into middle school curricula Current state (More)
Week 13: Specific Funding Sources and Strategic Partnerships for Save Tuba
Two SPECIFIC funding sources for the design phase of our project. (National Science foundation) - The Environmental Convergence Opportunities fund promotes effective (More)
Week 12: Update (II) Save Tuba Business Model Canvas & Revenue Model
Update II - Save Tuba Business Model Canvas (as of 04.25.21) How will we deliver an end-to-end solution? The Save Tuba app provides a comprehensive tool for teachers and students.  Upon downloading the app, users will have all they need to naviga (More)
Week 11: Updated Business Model Canvas and Draft Income Statement
Business Model Canvas (updated as of 04.18.21) Draft Income Statement (as of 04/20/21) (More)
Week 8: SKS Collaboration Plan
Summary and report out on the results of the SKS exercise Start Drafting an agenda on what we’re going to be discussing at our group meetings Writing a list of things that we hope to accomplish (individually and as a team) each week Keepi (More)
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