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GSIF Conceptual Framework
GSIF Conceptual Framework (More)
Conceptual Framework for Ukweli
  What Ukweli Does: More)
Systems Thinking
What is Creativity Creativity – Thinking outside of the box. -Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking or acting and to develop new and original ideas, methods or objects. Where does Creativity Happen?  -When colla (More)
Partners of Ukweli
Friends of Ukweli Hassan Acts as a translator while we are on the ground. He currently is our community outreach employee and later he will be the distribution manager once we obtain product registration. Hassan helped us with translatio (More)
Ukweli Team Profile
Cassidy: Ensure that the marketing license gets approved so our test strips can be distributed and sold to CHWs and clinic staff around Makeni. Maintain communication with Allieu to ensure he is working and collaborating with the Pharmacy Board (More)
OOPS- Case Study
Case 1: Ethical Decision Making  1: Facts of situation: The 14 million trees in India have been used extensively over the past 2,000 years for medicinal purposes, food production, toiletries, fuel, and pesticides Azadirachta indica (Neem) (More)
Ethical Decision Making & Grassroots Diplomacy Part 2
Welcome Back! In class this week, we talked about two separate ethical decision making/ grassroots diplomacy cases. In the weeks past, I included the case study but due to its length, I am going to describe it below: There is a women’s cooperative (More)
Jack and the Four Hats
In class this week we discussed grassroots diplomacy. One topic that stood out to me was the concept of saving face. This basically means that an individual is trying to lessen the social or political burden that he or she may have faced. Obviously, (More)
Lesotho Water- Ethical Decision Making
Greetings loyal blog readers! Hi Mom…. This week as promised, I am going to be discussing a special case study we talked about in the GSIF Seminar. We talked about ethical decision-making strategies and specific steps to take when analyzing cases suc (More)
Reflections on Fieldwork
I am back stateside and school is in session! This is the start of the third part of my GSIF Journey. Back at school, we are taking the seminar and I cannot wait for the puzzles, case studies, and just getting to work with other teams. Before we dive (More)
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