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Blog Post 11
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework—Ukweli Test Strips Goal Outcomes Output Indicator Reduction in the maternal mortality of Sierra Leone.  Number women who are screened positive for Urinary Tract Infections and/ (More)
Blog Post 10
Sources of Funding For Ukweli Crowdfunding Platform High Stake, Large Scale Grants Like all up and coming ventures, crowdfunding plays an integral role in the startup process. This method leverages our friends, families, and conn (More)
Blog Post 9
Business Model Canvas: Envirofit With the collaboration of fellow GSIFs Jaro and Chris, we have tried to recreate the business model canvas around the company Envirofit International. Envirofit is a social enterprise that develops “sma (More)
Guy Kawasaki Blog Post 8
  For Ukweli, it is imperative that we find employees and advocates for this venture are infected with the Ukweli dream. Guy Kawasaki discussed the topic of finding soulmates and hire infected people to make any project or venture succeed. (More)
A Quick Blog post
List ten non-obvious assumptions about your target customers (or organizations) that you need to validate. Community Health Workers who serve in a specific catchment area all report to the clinic in that catchment area Community Health Wo (More)
Week 5
To start this blog post today I thought I would begin with giving a huge shoutout to my big brother and my mom for reading my posts every week. Someday if I write a biography, I will be sure to mention you! Anyway, let us get down to business, this w (More)
Week 4
Hello World! Eastern Pennsylvania seems to really not want GSIF class to happen; as seen by the snow on Tuesdays exclusively. Global Social Impact, however, does not stop for the weather! This week we reviewed several resources on topics including (More)
Week 3
This week in the Global Social Impact seminars, we talked about the cultural context presented in Sierra Leone. In Sub-Saharan Africa, healthcare resources may be extremely strained especially with regards to emergency care. Often times, people wait (More)
Week 2
Hello world, it is me again, here to update you on some GSIF developments. To recap, I am on the Ukweli Test Strips team working to combat one major problem: Maternal Mortality. This is a huge problem and can be addressed in many ways. Ukweli aims to (More)
Week 1
Creative Inquiry 396: Inquiry to Impact Workshop Series Throughout my journey at Lehigh University, I have gone through the motions of class, homework, test. Rinse and Repeat. This seemingly endless cycle has given me a great opportunity to (More)
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