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Self Reflection for Writing
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Error Log
Error Log is a good way that help me to correct my writing. Although, working on these errors are harsh for me, but I can learn form these error mistakes. More)
Writing skill #APA citation
Reference is important for essay. Dr. Murphy had taught me how to cite a paragraph in APA style. (More)
In the beginning of this writing course, I had set up my SMART goals to help me improve my writing skills. Besides, I could be able to write an essay with citation, quote, and etc. This was first time that I had been experienced different education a (More)
Summary and Citation
In the beginning of this writing course, I had learn how to summarize the article and how to cite a scholar journal as APA citation. Then, I have found an academic journal from my field called"Advance Material". More)
Culture Shock
This was my first writing assignment. Based on this assignment, I had learned how to use APA citaion to cite an reference , to organize my outline and to write an essay. More)
Proofreading skill
Dr. Murphy had taught me about what is plagiarism. This is important for me because I will read a lot of papers and cite some paragraphs as references when I start to write an essay. More)

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