As students create content for presentations and documents, they often take their own photos. One skill that was previously only possible with high-end photo editing tools, removing the background of images, is now possible with a simple click. While there are various tools that can remove the background, one of the easiest to use is Remove BG. To use this tool, go to the website, upload your photo, view the image without the background and edit it to make the background removal crisper or download the new image to use in your project.

Do I have to take the original photo in front of a green screen?

  • No. However, if the image background is a solid color you may see better results.

Does this work on the iPad?

  • Yes! When you tap on “Select a photo” on the home screen, you will see the option to Take a Photo or browse your Photo Library appears on the screen as a pop-up menu. 

Check out the Before and After below as an example!



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