Last week, we featured Calm as a tool to practice mindfulness with students. For students across grade levels, educators can apply for a free premium membership to Stop, Think & Breathe. There are hundreds of sessions grouped by topic and labeled with the amount of time for each activity. These sessions are only available through the app, there is not a web version. If you are using this with a group of students, consider projecting your mobile device so that all students can view the session. Be sure to checkout the educator guide on the Stop, Think & Breathe website for ideas of how you might incorporate mindfulness into your lessons.

Another mindfulness tools for students and adults is Mindyeti. The free version includes 15 sessions. While this beta version is designed for students in the elementary levels, the exercises can be modified and used with older learners.

Working with secondary students? This blog post highlights how to use mindfulness with older learners.

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