Wednesday Website: HTML Colors From Image

This week’s Wednesday Website is super specific — but just as useful!

Heather Caricari (one of our awesome high school lead teachers) shared the website HTML Colors From Image. It allows you to upload any image of you choice, click on a color portion of the image, and get a unique color code for that particular color.

You can then copy that code into Canva or other advanced software to allow your text colors to match portions in images. This is super helpful when making flyers, for example. If there’s an image in your flyer whose color you’d like to replicate, look no further than this site!

Wednesday Website: PaperRater

This week’s Wednesday Website was shared by High School Teacher Intern Ariel Mickey. She shared about PaperRater, a free paper analytic service to check grammar. On the site, it can check for plagiarism, too! Just simply select the grade level of the student and viola, the site has analyzed your student’s paper.

It provides you a full log regarding the student’s spelling, grammar, word choice, style, organization methods, etc. When the site notes improper grammar or spelling, it offers suggestions for corrections. The site even offers its own automated grades — but as teachers, we’ll do that part ourselves. 🙂

Wednesday Website: Quill

Another Wednesday, another Wednesday Website! This week’s was, shared by Middle School Lead Teacher Ms. Correll.

Quill is a site based off of ELA Common Core Standards, aiming to help students with writing and grammar in an interactive way. Teachers can create their own accounts, and student accounts can be created if you wish. The resources are endless – check it out for more!

Wednesday Website: Virtual Nerd

This week’s Wednesday Website was shared out by middle school teacher, Ali Serson. She shared the site Virtual Nerd, which hoses dozens of educational math videos which are helpful in explaining various math concepts to students. The videos include mostly middle school math, Algebra I & II, and geometry.

The videos are clear, concise examples and are especially helpful for students to review independently. The site is free!

Wednesday Website: Dad’s Worksheets

This week’s website was shared by Elementary Teacher Associate Kate Duffy. She shared the site “Dad’s Worksheets,” which has dozens and dozens of worksheets related to various math topics. They have lots of worksheets for varying instructional levels. For example, there are worksheets for Algebra to addition.

If your students do not like worksheets, you could still use the resources from the website and upload them to Classkick, Nearpod or any other classroom tool.