Pages eBooks

This marking period we focused on eBooks and creating authentic opportunities for our students to create content. In addition to many fantastic eBook creators that are web-based, there are book templates built into Pages. These templates range from blank books to basic stories to textbooks. Each template can be modified to include your own fonts and images. Instructionally, teachers can design their own templates to help scaffold the learning process for students. One example of this is an PLEASE Essay Writing eBook Template that was created to help students work through the opinion writing process. The template was shared with students and they worked through each step of the writing process on a different page.

For more ideas on how to use Pages in the classroom, consider downloading this free eBook.

Instructional Strategies

Most of our March Madness posts have been focused on integrating technology into the classroom. The K20 Learn website (open in Chrome) features over 100 instructional strategies that are searchable and can be filtered by group size and time to complete. When you select a strategy, on the right side of the screen you can download a strategy card, poster, or PowerPoint slide. Each strategy also includes related research at the bottom of the card. While these strategies do not necessarily involve technology, technology can be used to carry out the strategies when appropriate.  

Mindfulness for Older Learners

Mindfulness is important for learners of all ages. While secondary learners may be resistant to the idea of slowing down, unplugging, and being aware of their current emotional state, it is important that they take the time to refocus to be more effective learners. For information on introducing mindfulness in high school, visit this blog. The Mindfulness for Teens website has resources and guided meditations specifically targeted towards Teens.

Working with younger learners? This year we are piloting Camp Timber in our elementary program. Our students in grades K-3 are enjoying the short, animated videos that provide social skills instruction. Camp Timber is offering a free trial to any teacher who wants to try it through the rest of the year!