Wednesday Website: Freckle

This week’s Wednesday Website was introduced by middle school teacher associate Sarah Seidel. Sarah recently discovered Freckle, a website in which teachers can instruct content from certain subjects and differentiate for students based on their instructional level. Teachers are able to select standards they’d like to teach and assign questions accordingly.

Students join sessions via codes, and the teachers can then view the student’s results and see where their skill deficits are. For example, if you assign a math topic, on the teacher view, it will tell you what kind of questions the student answered correctly or incorrectly.

One snag: You can only view up to three students at once, so divide your class into threes if you’d like to see their results.

Wednesday Website: HTML Colors From Image

This week’s Wednesday Website is super specific — but just as useful!

Heather Caricari (one of our awesome high school lead teachers) shared the website HTML Colors From Image. It allows you to upload any image of you choice, click on a color portion of the image, and get a unique color code for that particular color.

You can then copy that code into Canva or other advanced software to allow your text colors to match portions in images. This is super helpful when making flyers, for example. If there’s an image in your flyer whose color you’d like to replicate, look no further than this site!