Wednesday Website: The Budget Game & Be Well reminders

Lots going on at Centennial for this week’s Wednesday Websites!

Caitie Lyons, our very own Middle School Coordinator, reminded the staff of Lehigh’s Be Well program. This healthy habits program is geared toward Lehigh employees. You can earn points to save up for prizes, including a $20 wellness credit or even save up for larger appliances. Head to this link to get signed up now!

Conversely, Kristin Smith, an elementary lead teacher, shared out the website called The Budget Game. Although you may have to make your budget in Pounds (British currency), it’s a helpful tool in practicing making budgets for elementary schoolers who are learning about money or even high schoolers who have might have budgeting needs. (A transition grid activity?!)

Wednesday Website: Quill

Another Wednesday, another Wednesday Website! This week’s was, shared by Middle School Lead Teacher Ms. Correll.

Quill is a site based off of ELA Common Core Standards, aiming to help students with writing and grammar in an interactive way. Teachers can create their own accounts, and student accounts can be created if you wish. The resources are endless – check it out for more!

Wednesday Website: Virtual Nerd

This week’s Wednesday Website was shared out by middle school teacher, Ali Serson. She shared the site Virtual Nerd, which hoses dozens of educational math videos which are helpful in explaining various math concepts to students. The videos include mostly middle school math, Algebra I & II, and geometry.

The videos are clear, concise examples and are especially helpful for students to review independently. The site is free!

Wednesday Website: StoryboardThat

This week’s Wednesday Website was shared by high school teacher Lydia Hess. StoryboardThat is a great website to allow students to design visually what they know. The student account is free, and teachers can export students’ storyboards. She shared that students can choose from dozens of scenes to illustrate their own story. In addition, there are a wide variety of characters that can be edited to appear as if they are in motion. Each of the aspects of the story can be labeled, and characters can each have their own speech bubbles. Check out the website for more!


Wednesday Website: Brainpop Mission US & Nearpod GIFs

We had two Wednesday websites this week!

Chris Manz, from middle school, shared an awesome feature on BrainPop called Mission US, which has some awesome interactive activities related to history and immigration. This “do-it-yourself” walk through of history is a great way to engage students in learning about immigration.

The other Wednesday Website was shared by Lindsay Ancelitz. Forget simply using Nearpod, Lindsay wants us to use GIFs in Nearpod on our slides. When you add new content, there’s actually an option to add a GIF. There’s plenty to search through, just remember to make sure they are school appropriate 🙂