Doctoral Students

  • Anbari Meybodi, Samira
    Samira Anbari, PhD student in Prof. Javier Buceta's group.
  • Chang, En Hyung (Tony)
    En Hyung (Tony) Chang, a Doctoral student working in Angela. C. Brown's lab with the research focuses on antibacterial mechanism.
  • Collins, Shannon M.
    Shannon Collins is PhD student in Angela Brown's lab. She works with Antibiotic Resistance and Infectious Disease.
  • Daviran, Maryam
    PhD student in Dr Schultz's lab.
  • Kiani, Daniyal
    Doctoral student in Baltrusaitis Lab, focusing on heterogeneous catalysis for applications in environmental and industrial processes.
  • Lai, Jun-Kun (Jeff)
    Jeff works in the group of Professor Israel Wachs. Jeff’s research currently focuses on the SCR of NO with NH3 by Supported V2O5−WO3/TiO2 & CuSSZ Catalysts
  • Mammen Regy, Roshan
    PhD student in the Biophysics and Soft Matter group advised by Professor Jeetain Mittal. My work here majorly focuses on studying macromolecular crowding and protein binding using computational simulation techniques and mathematical analysis.
  • McGlynn, John
    John McGlynn is a doctoral student in Professor Kelly Schultz's lab.
  • Moskowitz, Benjamin
    Ph.D. candidate in the group of Prof. Israel Wachs, focused on fundamental studies in heterogeneous catalysis for the production of green chemicals.
  • Nice, Justin
    Hi my name is Justin B. Nice. I’m from Pennsylvania and currently studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Lehigh University where I work in the lab of Angela C. Brown in the “Biological Interfaces in Disease” lab.
  • Ozdemir, Nur Koncuy
    Nur Koncuy Ozdemir, PhD student in Mark Snyder's Lab.
  • Pu, Tiancheng
    Doctoral student in Prof. Israel Wachs' group studying silver catalyzed ethylene epoxidation reaction.
  • Rzepa, Christopher
    Christopher Rzepa, PhD student, Chemical Engineering.
  • Sakizadeh, John
    Ph.D. student in Prof. Steve McIntosh Lab studying material synthesis and characterization for renewable energy applications.
  • Sharma, Lohit
    Ph.D. Candidate
  • Sharma, Megha
    This is a very brief summary of Rob that will show up on the student list.
  • Silva, Manoj
    Doctoral student in the Baltrusaitis Group working on sustainable nutrient recovery from wastewater
  • Sourav, Sagar
    PhD scholar, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Tian, Huijie
    Huijie Tian, PhD student in Srinivas Rangaranjan's group
  • Wu, Nan
    Nan is Ph.D. student in Professor Schultz's Lab
  • Yang, Yoona
    This is a very brief summary of Rob that will show up on the student list.
  • Yao, Yuyu
    Yuyu Yao, PhD student in Mayuresh Kothare's lab.
  • Zhang, Bin
    Ph.D. candidate in Prof. Israel Wachs' group focusing on fundamental studies in heterogeneous catalysis for the olefin metathesis.