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          I was really happy to have an English class where we got to pick a topic that we care about instead of reading a book and writing papers on them. I also really appreciated the different types of papers and projects that we did. It was a research-based class and there was structure, but we really got the freedom to go in a lot of different directions with our work. I was also pleasantly surprised by the topic that I choose. I was not too enthusiastic about picking abortion, however, I did want to look into the topic more. Throughout this research, my opinion on the abortion topic shifted a little bit. I started of understanding a lot of the pro-life movement but not really connecting with it fully. When doing research and looking deeper into the laws a lot of the ambiguity of my opinion cleared up. The most important thing that made me reconsider my stance on abortion was the talk about self-responsibility that I think a lot of people are losing today. Unwanted pregnancies are exactly what they are unwanted, but that should not warrant killing of a life. There are many other options than to have an abortion and just because they are less convenient it does not mean that they are wrong. I hope that even if abortions do stay legal which I feel like they will for a long time people at least become more responsible with their decisions. I feel like for a lot of social issues in today’s world could be answered by putting self-responsibility back into people’s morals. I hope that after this class I can become more involved in social issues and continue my newfound liking to the pro-life movement.


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