Go For the Gold With Tumeric!

Turmeric is a magical plant root that contains curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system and relieves both muscle and joint pain. This can be used in multiple forms in curry foods, protein shakes, or in supplements to gain its full health benefits.

I like to use turmeric in my daily life by drinking it matcha lattes or putting a dash of it in my pancake mix. Below I will share my 3 ingredient, delicious turmeric pancake recipe and delve a bit deeper into why I love this plant so much.

Turmeric pancakes:

2 Ripe bananas

2 Eggs

1 Tablespoon of turmeric

Blend as you naturally would, until mixed. Then butter a frying pan, cook, and serve. The pancakes will have a yellow color to them, but they will be just as delicious as regular pancakes… only this time there will be the added benefits of potassium, protein, and immune boosters.

For the majority of my adolescence and young adulthood I have suffered from back pain. I have a herniated disk in my lower spine and am constantly on the lookout for  natural remedies to aid with pain relief. Turmeric is a great option for this because it is known to help with pain relief and work as an anti inflammatory spice. While it is not a cure to pain, it is definitely a big help.

Every few months I have to get epidural injections in my spine to help ease the pain. It isn’t fun, it actually hurts, and is very inconvenient for someone like me who travels frequently. I like to use turmeric in-between shots and give my body a break from pain relievers when I can because I personally believe it can put unnecessary stress on me to take so many things. Homeopathy is a very helpful and bountiful field. When you get to searching through it, it feels like taking a trip down a rabbit hole. But, I challenge everyone to try taking a look at what turmeric can do for you. And if you aren’t interested, at least try my pancakes and let me know what you think?

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