COE Research Teams and Labs

Behavioral and Emotional Risk & Achievement Motivation Research Lab


The Resistance Lab

  • Faculty Member: Dr. Nicole Johnson
  • Program: Counseling Psychology
  • Research Focus: gender-based violence,  feminist consciousness, empirically supported programming
  • Website:

Dr. Sara Kangas

  • Program: Special Education
  • Research Focus: school-age population of English learners (ELs) with disabilities
  • Website:
Special Education Policy Lab
  • Faculty Member(s): Dr. Esther Lindström and Dr. Jihyun Kim
  • Program(s): Special Education and Educational Leadership
  • Research Focus: the effects of special education teachers’ certification policy on teachers and students
Quantitative Analysis of Learning, Interventions, and Testing for Youth (QuALITY) Lab
  • Faculty Member: Dr. Ethan Van Norman
  • Program: School Psychology
  • Research Focus: To identify and refine effective assessment practices used in schools, particularly with screening and progress monitoring.
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