Caleigh Avramis- Organizing Collective Action- 9/23

In the article, “Organizing collective action: Does information and communication technology matter?” by Ana Cardoso, Marie-Claude Boudreau and João Álvaro Carvalho, they analyze how the use of multiple Information and Communications Technology (ICT’s) effect “consensual collective actions”. The authors argue that these ICT’s have the ability to either “empower or constrain” human agencies in collective organizing and action.

In their study, the authors analyzed four different consensual collective action movements. Their findings concluded that ICT’s are prevalent in understanding the positive/ negative correlation between communication technologies and human organizations processes.They showed they direct impact it had on community organizing processes such as marketing, email, coordinating, connecting, etc. However, these ICT’s also had negative impact. The participants faced issues in simple functions for their tasks.
Such as disrupting the flow of communication and connection amongst the participants.

This study was something I’ve never deeply thought about. I always considered technology to be a positive things, especially in aspects of community organization, event planning, marketing, systematizing etc. However, it is critical to question these ICT processes, and the impact they have in human collective agencies.

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