9/28 – eSports – Grayson Begier

In the Netflix series Explained eSports, the narrator introduces the phenomenon of eSports and its impact on our society today. As our world is more familiar with physical/in-person sports, the world of eSports is booming. eSports gamers travel around the world to participate in eSports tournaments for grand prizes.

Although many are not sold on the idea, eSports is becoming a popular niche for many because of the technology and culture. Many professional, traditional athletes don’t find the fun in eSports because of its main difference from actual sports. However, eSports provides users with a tight knit community who bond over their passion for online gaming.

Overall, I found the video very informational and intriguing. Since I’m not familiar with the eSports world I was excited to learn more. Although I’m not a huge fan of online gaming or sports gaming, I understand the draw to eSports because it provides users with a unique version of sports, regardless of your physical skill in the sport, and a group of people who share the same interests and passions.

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