Interactive Multimedia-Based E-Learning: A Study of Effectiveness – Alana Bonfiglio 9/28

In Interactive Multimedia-Based E-Learning: A Study of Effectiveness, Dongsong Zhang argues that students in an interactive multimedia-based e-learning environment can achieve higher test scores and report higher levels of satisfaction than those in a traditional classroom. 

Zhang conducted a study using lectures that were prepared in exactly the same way for traditional classroom instruction and online learning. The lectures were created using the Learning By Asking (LBA) system which is a learner-centered and highly interactive learning environment. The LBA system logically divides video lectures into segments so that each video contains a single topic. Multimedia components were utilized, such as simultaneous video, audio, slides and notes. Zhang also argued that learner–content interaction, which he defines as referring to any interactive activities between the learner and instructional content in an online learning environment, improves the quality of multimedia-based e-learning.  In the study, participants had much control over their learning experience. They were able to skip between videos/topics and a menu function allowed for easy navigation to any subtopic. 

The LBA system feels like it would be extremely beneficial. Oftentimes I can feel overwhelmed when my lecture notes cover many topics in one section, and I believe the segmented videos would lead me to take more organized notes and increase my comprehension. I also would appreciate the ability to move between concepts at my own pace. Everyone’s learning pace is different, and there are concepts I need more or less time with. During in-person lectures it is unrealistic to expect professors to go back or skip forward to accommodate every student’s needs, so I believe these functions would be extremely helpful. I am wondering – would students have preferred a platform like this one over synchronous lectures during remote learning? I know I often utilized features like playback speed, and rewind buttons for pre-recorded lectures over the past two years. Would the personalization of a system like LBA be worth giving up the in-person classroom experience?

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