Kate Brady- Are We Losing a Generation of Children to Remote Learning? NYTimes

After reading the New York Times articles for class, I feel like I have opened my eyes to the harm remote learning is doing in underprivileged communities. In my own experience, remote learning can be a nuisance, or not as fun, but I realize how privileged I am. Students from less privileged communities don’t have the luxury of a parent watching over their shoulder to make sure they are doing their work and paying attention in class. Especially during very formative years when students are learning the foundations of reading and math, this can be so detrimental.

According to the first article, “What is known as “multi-sensoring instruction’’ turns out to be hugely important: being able to look at words and letters on chalkboards, on the walls; to have constant, direct physical contact with books, to stand up and make utterances and watch other children do the same thing. “This is obviously much more muted on a computer,’’ Dr. Cruger said.” I realized that remote learning was a diminished experience, but the fact that research is suggesting it can be detrimental to kids is shocking.

The article “The Pandemic hurt these students the most” was shocking as well. A line that stood out to me was “An educational gap became a gulf.” In our country, there already is a huge disparity as far as education levels and class. We cannot afford for communities to fall behind even more. I believe we will be feeling the effects of this for years to come. I’m curious what the next few years or even next 20 years will bring and what impacts this divide will have on wealth gaps, education divides, and the job market.

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