9/30 “Robot-Mediated Communication” – Andreas Tsiaras

In “Robot-Mediated Communication,” Susan Herring argues that there is a need for a better framework for studying the telepresence of robot-mediated discourse and language use.

Robot-mediated communication is defined by Herring as the way humans communicate with robots that are controlled by humans. Herring also notes that the framework can be structured by five different categories: structure, meaning: word choice and use, meaning: pragmatics, interaction management, and social phenomena. These categories help to find how telepresence robots have progressed over time and by studying these we can see the effects of robots as modes of communication. Although Herring goes into depth about these topics, it is apparent there still is a lot of research to be done about RMC’s and their presence in communication between humans and human-controlled robots.

Herring explains the information as if we’re looking into her mind, making it easier for us to understand the information presented as well as how it applies to her argument. It was enjoyable to read this report because before reading, I decided to look up on Google “telepresence robot” and the first result that pops up is this iPad-like device attached to an automated segway machine. Essentially a FaceTime on wheels, it was interesting to see just how this definition and examples of it were extremely similar to this silly-looking robot.

2 thoughts on “9/30 “Robot-Mediated Communication” – Andreas Tsiaras

  1. I also looked up pictures to see what the robots are like. When I looked the title, I thought it would be like zoom things or a technology like AI in communication. I found out it was totally different than what I thought. The article is helpful to understand the information and increases my knowledge in the special area. I am pleased to read the advantages and disadvantages of the robots, and feel glad that the technology would improve gradually.

  2. I am curious of the purpose of these types of robots. You mentioned you looked up a telepresence robot that was basically a “FaceTime on wheels” but where is this robot being used and who is it interacting with. I am excited to hear more about this topic in class.

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