Caleigh Avramis- Can robots manifest personality?- 9/30

In the article, “Can Robots Manifest Personality”, Lee et al. discusses the importance for robots to posses human personality traits to have meaningful human-robot interaction. Lee discusses how the success of this interaction relies heavily on applying social rules with HRI, as if it were a human-human interaction.

Lee conducted a study to understand how personality influences this interaction. Lee and their team created a anthropomorphic dog, AIBO, that possessed the same characteristics of a normal dog: eyes, tails, ears etc. This “dog” was able to mimic personality traits the way an average dog would. Before the study was conducted, they asked students to take an online survey testing their personality traits, discerning whether they were introverted or extroverted. Next, they gathered 48 students to interact with an extroverted or introverted version of the AIBO. By studying this interaction, the students were able to to spot the personality traits of the AIBO. Furthermore, this study showed that robots have the ability to posses human personality traits, and this can be acknowledged by humans who interact with these robots.

This was another article that I was incredibly shocked about. I think its incredible how we’ve advanced so far in technology, to the point where robots can mimic these human traits. However, I wonder how much is too much? Will we advance so far to the point where we cannot discern robots from humans/animals? I don’t know if we will ever get to that point, but its interesting to think about if robots could ever become more advanced than humans.

3 thoughts on “Caleigh Avramis- Can robots manifest personality?- 9/30

  1. Caleigh, I totally agree with you, it is very scary to think about how advanced robots are becoming. I fear that robots will soon replace many jobs and people will become unemployed unless they do not start learning how to operate such technology.

  2. I agree that some advanced robots might be creepy, but I think there are still a lot of things that robots cannot mimic with. For example, in the article I read, it said that subtle cues are not available in robot-mediated communication. Facial expression, gestures, and non-verbal cues are indispensable between people’s daily conversation, and I think robots cannot achieve that.

  3. This is what we see in all the movies. The only thing that will give robots the ability to overpower us is if they become like humans with emotions and actions. Even though it’s funny to think about it like that, it’s a bit scary that we are very close to this as a reality.

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