10/6 “Nosedive” – Bridget Hall

In Nosedive from the Netflix series Black Mirror, everyone in society has become obsessed with their social status because everyone is rated on their social media posts and the interactions they have with other individuals. 

The show follows Lacie who is doing everything in her power to improve her 5-star rating in order to be able to live in an exclusive apartment complex. The apartment complex, like many other things in society, requires a certain rating to gain access. People use their phones and special contact lenses to share moments in their lives and to rate their interactions with other individuals. Everything in Lacie’s life is being documented and judged by the individuals she interacts with, including complete strangers. 

In the end, Lacie ends up going crazy as her rating plummets. She gets arrested after she crashes a wedding and her rating drops below 1 star. While in jail her and another man who has been arrested, begin to scream and curse at each other. This is the first time in the episode when Lacie can act on her own accord and truly say what she is feeling without fear of judgement.  

This episode’s theme shows the lack of agency of individuals, especially Lacie. Lacie is unable to say exactly what she is feeling and has to produce content that is not true to herself in order to please her circle on social media. Before Lacie’s breakdown, she often comes across as extremely fake and obsessive about her rating. This is an extremely unhealthy way to live her life. 

I had never seen an episode of Black Mirror so this was a completely new experience for me. I had always thought that Black Mirror episodes were quite creepy and almost horror-like, but this episode challenged my expectations. Although the topic of the episode was enlightening I was not too alarmed by the topic they discussed. This theme of obsession with social media is something that is all too common in today’s society. I myself find that some days I have a hard time putting down my phone.  

2 thoughts on “10/6 “Nosedive” – Bridget Hall

  1. I didn’t watch this episode for class, but I have seen it before. I think it is an extreme but necessary example of just how much we care about online platforms and how people perceive us in our everyday lives. I remember there is one scene where she is trying to rent a car to get to the wedding, and has a lot of trouble because of her rating, sending her into a manic episode. I think this is a somewhat accurate depiction of how much our lives rely on the concept of technology and the ways in which we want to be seen, even if it isn’t who we are. The pressure to be someone you aren’t is all over these platforms. People constantly edit their photos, some to the point where they don’t even look like themselves, and I think that this episode is a good representation of the obsession people have with how they are perceived, and just how much technology controls our lives.

  2. I love Black Mirror! I’ve personally seen almost every episode and it highlights such interesting concepts in society and shows us how eerie it is to be so reliant on technology. Nosedive is fascinating, as it shows a world in which you can only do things if you have a high rating. As you mentioned, Bridget, it fosters a world where people have to conform to societal norms and put on a facade to appear a certain way to the general public. What’s so interesting about Black Mirror is that they highlight such real concepts in our world today but portray them in a futuristic, scary kind of light. In reality, however, these issues are very present in our society and many don’t realize the power social technologies have on one’s life.

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