Caleigh Avramis- 25 Most Influential People- 10/7

In the article, Time’s 25 Most Influential People on the Internet, the writers discuss the ways in which 25 people were able to have a global impact on social media.

The article is set up where there is a picture of the person of influence and then a description of their impact in the social realm. They begin the article with Lil Nas X, who revolutionized the internet through his #1 hit songs and his openness about being a Black gay rapper from Atlanta. His ability to live confidently and freely definitely opens the doors for other people who are a minority and gay; who fear to express themselves because of what others think. Then they have people like James Charles, who has indeed broke the internet with his beauty vlogs and being the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. i noticed that this is an outdated article, because Charles is now known to be notorious for grooming young men rather than “influential” for his beauty career. Lastly, they have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who were apart of the British royal family and notorious for being the first family to step down. They now have a Instagram with over 9.1 million followers. They post about societal issues such as mental awareness and climate change.

I though the layout of the people who were most influential was incredibly random. It ranged from people I saw on Youtube growing up, to politicians that have impacted laws and democracy. I think the writers made it confusing to follow what the actual standards were for getting to this level of fame. I don’t know if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be in the same category as James Charles.

One thought on “Caleigh Avramis- 25 Most Influential People- 10/7

  1. I agree with you Caleigh. The list of celebrities seems so random and out of place. I think there should be some sort of clarification between public figures, celebrities and influencers because they all serve different purposes in the world of fame.

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