10/14 – Midterm Project – Grayson Begier

For my midterm project, I focused on Apple’s line of Apple Watches. The Apple Watch is an extension of the iPhone where users connect their watch to their iPhone to perform the same tasks, but on a smaller interface. The customizable wristwatch is an iOS-based user interface that provides users with a device for a healthy life.

Features include fitness tracking (calories, exercise minutes, standing), workout tracking, heart rate monitoring, ECG readings (available on Series 4/5/6 only) and blood oxygen tracking (available on Series 6 only), GPS navigation during workouts, and much more. Yet, fitness isn’t the only purpose of this technology. The smartwatch allows users to make calls and receive text messages, follow GPS navigation, set timers or alarms, check the weather, shop using Apple Pay, etc. 

To test the user experience on the Apple Watch, I conducted a Google Forms survey to send out to individuals who own and use an Apple Watch. Based on the results, I gathered information about the survey participants and their Apple Watch usage and experience. The last few questions of my survey asked participants how they would improve the Apple Watch. Many participants think the Apple Watch should have a bigger screen, with less buttons and better network connectivity and the capability to function alone without the iPhone nearby. 

Based on the survey results, I recommend that Apple designs a new model of the Apple Watch fit for these various needs. First, I suggested that the new model should feature a slightly bigger screen for those who have trouble viewing their tiny Apple Watch screen. In addition, I believe the removal of the side button would help users better navigate their device, since the buttons provide obstacles for users. In other words, less is more. Next, Apple needs to design the new model with stronger connectivity and the ability to function without having to be near an iPhone. Users enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the Apple Watch already, but these minor improvements would satisfy the needs of users who rely on their Apple Watch more than their iPhone. In today’s society, consumers expect the best of the best when it comes to investing in technology, so considering consumers needs will greatly benefit the user experience. 

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