10/28 Facebook went offline this week. Experts say we should log out, too – Cherry

In “Facebook went offline this week. Experts say we should log out, too”, Francesca Giuliani-Hoffman talked about the effects of this outage and expanded the topic to phone addiction.

On October 4, the world experienced a forced break from Facebook for nearly six hours. The first thing people chose to do was to make sure they are not experienced this alone.  Lan Kerner, a marriage and family therapist, pointed out that people rely on social media in different ways to “distract ourselves, to escape, to connect, to cope with anxiety and stress”. Some people might be too addicted to it, continually scrolling down and try to know what’s happening. “The smartphone is the modern-day hypodermic needle, delivering digital dopamine 24/7 for a wired generation”. The feeling of relief that “’I don’t have anything I have to keep up with. I’m not missing out on anything” was horrible. This made me think of my father, who always let me not devote too much time on phone. He stated that even though I caught everything online and understood each joke, they would not affect my own life. What I lost was the most precious thing, the time.

Later in the article, the author talked about that in order to develop healthier digital habits, people should go out without checking the phones frequently. Try to spend time in nature and think about setting time limits on these social media apps are some good ideas. As the development of technology, now the phone system enabled people to set time limit, which providing a way to help us control ourselves. Removing social media apps from the phone is another direct way. “Make an effort to be present in the moment in real life with each other”. I like this sentence and would like to have it as an ending, to remind me and to remind everyone.

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