10/28 “#Likeminded: BBC special series about the impact of social media on mental well-being” – Andreas Tsiaras

In 2018, BBC started a column called #LikeMinded to see just how social media has affected people mentally. At the time, there were many questions and comments about how social media was really starting to negatively impact people’s lives, especially their mental health, and the project was launched to help people observe different angles of social media.

When looking at the page, you immediately see a variety of articles regarding social media use and its correlation to one’s mental health. Some of these articles talk about “How social media shapes my depression,” and “How to stay happy on social media.” In these articles, they take a look at the writer’s feelings towards the subject along with data and studies to further back it up. These articles work as a solution to tackling the issues of depression, anxiety, and other feelings towards social media by providing further tips and suggestions as to how we can personally tackle these issues.

I appreciated this column because it gives both a personal and scientific approach to our well-being and works to not only provide us with the best information regarding these issues of social media but how we can overcome them ourselves. Although I don’t have any underlying mental health issues that stem from social media, I can see how this column can be used as a platform to help those who are dealing with those issues, showing that there are solutions to the problems and the feelings they’re feeling.

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