10/28 – #LikeMinded – Grayson Begier

In #LikeMinded, various authors discuss the impact of social media on people’s mental health and how social media can shape users’ depression. The series includes articles that show how users manage their depression with the use of social media, how users can stay happy and healthy on social media, an experience from social media stress testing, the impact of social media on your mood, and how much time a user should spend on social media. Although some of the information in this series is not news to users it provides readers with personal anecdotes and experiences from users who use social media to moderate their mental health or participate in stress testing for their social media usage. Ultimately, all the articles tie together to show the harm of social media use on one’s mental health (depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-esteem, addiction, mood, relationships, stress, and envy). In the stress testing article, BBC social media producer Sophia Smith Galer participated in stress testing and her experience taught her three lessons: 1) there is no weekend effect 2) she checks her phone A LOT 3) she goes on her phone for escapism.

I found this series interesting because it covered different sides and perspectives of social media use. Usually, articles touch on the negative impact of social media and the basics of how it impacts your mental health. However, BBC incorporated insightful findings from the stress testing and personal anecdotes from other individuals to offer more information about how people use and feel from social media.

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