About Larri

I am interested in the human experience from the perspective of cognition; because of this, I major in Cognitive Science and Psychology, and minor in Sociology/ Anthropology. I plan on pursuing a PhD within Cognitive Science or Cognitive Psychology, and would love to eventually become a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and integrate that with scientific research.

I am currently a Junior at Lehigh, where I participate in the Marching 97 as drum caption, as well as the Honors Band Fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, as service coordinator. I have a rabbit, puggle, rottweiler, and tortoiseshell cat, which is a testament to how much I adore animals. In my (very limited) spare time, I enjoy reading, browsing through memes, and being in the presence of friends.

In this class, I am particularly looking forward to learning how communication technology impacts our perceptions of the world around us, and hope that this knowledge will enhance my understanding of cognition overall.