Life In A Day Movie/Documentary

Life In A Day is a crowd sourced movie/ documentary comprised of thousands of clips sent in from people from over 139 countries. The clips follow the daily lives of people around the world on a single day, July 24th 2010. The creater posed three questions and then asked people to film a day in the life. The questions were: What do you love? What do you fear? What’s in your pocket? Macdonald explained that about 75% of the film’s content came from people contacted through YouTube, traditional advertising, TV shows, and newspapers; the remaining 25% came from cameras sent out to the developing world, Macdonald pointing out “It was important to represent the whole world. Macdonald explained that YouTube “allowed us to tap into a pre-existing community of people around the world and to have a means of distributing information about the film and then receiving people’s ‘dailies.’ It just wouldn’t have been organizationally or financially feasible to undertake this kind of project pre-YouTube.”

Macdonald said he saw the movie “as a metaphor of the experience of being on the Internet, clicking from one place to another, in this almost random way and following our own thoughts, following narrative and thematic paths.”

I think this film was made to show that we are more alike than similar and the technology of the time and with UGC taking over, there is  great potential to show that and to remind of this fact. Despite physical location, culture, etc we are all human.


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