Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, and Devices

III-Nitride epitaxy, crystals, and substrates. Near infrared light emitters, THz semiconductor lasers. Single crystal growth. Organic semiconductors, molecular crystals, polymers and molecular assemblies. Chemical Synthesis. 2D layered systems, Atomic Layer Deposition. Advanced AFM infrared spectroscopy and nanoscopy. Density Functional Theory. Topological phases of matter. Materials by design.

Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency

New effects for future renewable energy sources. Novel materials and processes for efficient data processing, transmission, and storage. Development of sustainable manufacturing technologies.

Health and Biological Systems

Biophotonics. Fundamental physics and chemistry of biomembranes. Modeling and understanding of intracellular processes. Advanced optical imaging and microfluidics. Optical Tweezing and trapping.

Quantum Photonics and Quantum Information Technologies

Fundamental research in light-matter interaction and entangled states. Point defects in semiconductors. Excitonic physics. Light sources. Multiphoton interactions and nonlinear optical effects. Transient Absorption Spectroscopy. Ultracold atoms and quantum processors. Exotic quantum states in topological materials and 2D materials.

The Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics is devoted to exploration in photonics, nano electronics, and solid state devices. Our breakthrough photonics and nanoelectronics research aims at addressing hot-button challenges in energy, sustainabile infrastructure and environment, and healthcare and biomedicine, to name a few.

CPN’s membership comes from different colleges and different departments, including Computer and Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and works at different levels of a vertical integrated, strongly interdisciplinary research environment. We develop new solutions via experimental, theoretical, or computational work that spans from single atoms, to molecules, to materials, to devices, and promotes collaboration with colleagues across industry, academia, and national laboratories.