Mission Statement

Lehigh University Autism Services is a university-based research and professional training center for autism spectrum disorders.  The Autism Services are housed in the Center for Promoting Research to Practice of the College of Education.  The mission of Lehigh University Autism Services is to develop and disseminate research-based practices that improve the wellbeing of children with autism and their families and to serve the local community.  Our practices rely on empirically validated interventions and best practices, including Applied Behavior Analysis, Pivotal Response Treatment, and Positive Behavior Support.  The Autism Center will open in 2018, offering intervention programs for young children (diagnosis to age 5) and their families.  Our planned expansion will include services throughout the lifespan.

Our objectives are:

  1. To develop, advance, and rigorously evaluate practices to improve the lives of children with autism and their families.
  2. To deliver state-of-the-art evidence-based interventions and instructional programs to children with autism and their families.
  3. To disseminate new knowledge through scholarship (e.g., books, journals, conferences) and popular media (news, op-eds).
  4. To serve the needs of the Lehigh Valley Community and beyond.
  5. To train future generations of professionals to develop and implement best practices.