Organization Checklist


Organization Checklist 

What is the Intervention?
An Organization Checklist is an individual intervention aimed at improving a student’s ability to organize his/her materials and assignments.

Who is it for?
Students of all ages.

The goal of this intervention is to have the student routinely use a checklist to monitor and facilitate organization of his/her binder, book bag, or locker. This intervention targets general organization of the binder, the most critical area for academic success, however, it can be adapted to other areas like the locker or book bag.

Background Information
The Organization Checklist intervention establishes a structure designed to facilitate the student’s ability to sort and store paperwork, identify assigned homework, and locate completed assignments when they are due.

Indication of need for this intervention includes turning in assignments an average of below 90% of the time across classes, and/or parent, teacher, or student report of difficulty with materials management.  This intervention would be helpful if the student appears (or is reportedly) disorganized to the point where it interferes with his/her ability to be successful in school.

Materials Needed
Copies of Organization Checklist (See Attached  Materials)
Organization Checklist Reference Guide
Organization Checklist Example

Steps of Intervention

  1. Conduct an assessment to determine where the student has organizational needs. This can be accomplished by identifying where a student stores materials (e.g., binder, locker, book bag) and evaluating whether those materials are stored in an orderly fashion.
  2. Develop a brief script to introduce the organization intervention to the student. To facilitate implementation, you may wish to establish a weekly routine when time is dedicated to organization.  Some students may require more intensive support to stay organized. In this case the organization intervention can be implemented several times a week or even daily, if necessary.
  3. Spend time with the student emptying items out of the target area and begin organizing the contents according to the Organization Checklist. Mark a “Y” for yes if the student meets full criteria and “N” for no if he or she does not meet full criteria. Have the student file papers where they belong in your presence, providing assistance or prompting if necessary.
  4. To reinforce the student for using the checklist and being organized, begin with verbal praise. If this is not sufficient to motivate the student, other rewards can be added. Progressively increase the student’s organization goal. For example, if a student continually achieves 60% accuracy on the checklist, increase the goal to 70% for the student to earn a reward.
  5. Assist the student in completing the Organization Checklist until the student reaches 100% accuracy for three consecutive checks. The intervention can then be faded or used as a self-monitoring tool with periodic teacher checks for accuracy.

Organization Checklist Reference Guide
Organization Checklist Example