Past Research


Center for Adolescent Research in Schools (CARS)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lee Kern

CARS was a research study examining intervention for high school age students with social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Our mission was to develop and evaluate interventions for adolescents with social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Each of the principal investigators has been engaged in meaningful research focused on the critical issues faced by youth with emotional and behavioral concerns for decades.

Co-PI:Dr. Steve Evans, Dr. Tim Lewis

National Center for Research on Rural Education (Project READERS)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Sheridan
The National Center for Research on Rural Education (R2Ed) identified, developed, and validated professional development practices that lead to the delivery of improved instruction in rural schools and improve rural students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills in reading, science, and mathematics. Please read more in the links provided.

Co-PI: Dr. Todd Glover, Dr. Edward Shapiro

Promoting Engagement with ADHD Pre-Kindergartners (Project PEAK)

Principal Investigator:Dr. George J. DuPaul

The primary purpose was to further develop and refine a parent education program to increase parent engagement with early intervention for young children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A secondary purpose was to develop an alternative format of parent education (web-based) in order to increase parent accessibility to and engagement with intervention.

Setting: Parent education sessions were conducted in community settings (e.g., school, health care office). Data were collected in parent education sessions and in family homes.

Co-PI: Dr. Lee Kern

Computer Adaptive Testing and Curriculum-Based Measurement

Principal Investigator: Dr. Edward Shapiro
Completed a study examining the use of a Computer Adaptive Test (STAR-Reading) and Curriculum-Based Measurement for progress monitoring across the Dyer County School District, Tennessee. The study compared the use of two methods of progress monitoring across a sample of students over a two-year period.

Autism Service, Education, Research, and Training (ASERT)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Linda M. Bambara

The ASERT grant  leveraged Pennsylvania’s research community as a means to strengthen the delivery of autism services across the state. The grant was awarded by the Bureau of Autism Services, a division of Pennsylvania’s Office of Developmental Programs, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

Lehigh partnered with the University of Pennsylvania, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Drexel University in this consortium-one of three such regional Commonwealth’s Bureau of Autism Services.

Children Able & Ready for Early Success (Project CARES)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Patricia H. Manz

Project CARES involved the evaluation of the Parent-Child Home Program of the Philadelphia School District (PCHP-Philadelphia).  Parent-Child Home was a national program aimed at supporting caregivers to involve their young, two- and three-year-old children in activities at home that boost their language and early literacy growth.  Paraprofessionals from local communities prepared by PCHP visited caregivers in their home two-times each week, during which they introduced books and activities to caregivers.PCHP-Philadelphia is the largest, central-city site for a PCHP program in the US.

Literacy Education and Readiness Now (Project LEARN)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Edward Shapiro
A partnership between Community Services for Children (CSC) – Lehigh Valley Head Start and the Center for Promoting Research to Practice, Lehigh University. This project was funded by an Early Reading First Grant (#541-110) from the U.S. Department of Education to CSC.Community Services for Children (CSC), located in Allentown, PA, has transformed 7 Head Start classrooms, located in 3 centers, into full-day, full-year Early Reading First centers. The classrooms serve 137 three and four year old children, 100% of whom come from low-income families.

Co-PI:Dr. Patricia H. Manz,Dr. Ageliki Nicolopoulou

Monitoring Progress of Pennsylvania Pupils (MP3)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Edward Shapiro
Project MP3  examined the implementation of a school-wide model of progress monitoring for grades K-4 in reading at five Pennsylvania elementary schools.  The information obtained through progress monitoring was used to determine students’ needs for additional reading intervention, and facilitated the development of a three-tiered, Response-to-Intervention framework within the target schools.

Co-PI:Dr. Naomi Zigmond, Dr. Fran Warkomski

National Center for Students With Intensive Social, Behavioral and Emotional Needs (Project REACH)

Principal Investigator:Dr. Lee Kern

This proposal responded to the RFA Topic National Research and Development Center on Serious Behavior Disorders at the Secondary Level. Consistent with the RFA specifying Research and Development, we have delineated a five-year process of intervention improvement and refinement, culminating in an efficacy study.