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Uncanny Landscapes

A crucial part of folk horror is the uncanny landscape–the landscape that exerts a strange power over humans. The land–the earth, trees, plant life, rocks–acts upon the beings that inhabit it, diminishing human agency in exerting its own. It makes… Continue Reading →

Eden Lake (2008): Folk Horror for a Disenchanted World

Eden Lake, released in 2008 and directed by James Watkins, has been generally classified as “hoodie horror”—a British sub-genre that exploits middle-class fear of hoodie-wearing, underclass youth.[i]  Mark Featherstone aptly describes the way in which “feral youth” become stand-ins for… Continue Reading →

Folk Horror

This is a blog about folk horror, with a focus on the UK and the United States, from the medieval period to the present. We plan to write about the art of folk horror–architecture, poetry, drama, fiction, film, and TV–as… Continue Reading →

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