Based on your life experience,  skills and interest, what would be a design process that would be both uniquely yours and effective look like?

  1. Meet with group members (if multiple)
  2. Clarify question/problem
  3. Identify solutions
  4. Debate on which solutions to pursue
  5. Design chosen solution
  6. Implement solutions
  7. Evaluate successes and shortcomings of solutions
  8. Redesign solutions if necessary

Identify your three most important stakeholders and list five UNIQUE attributes for each one of them.

Local markets in Makeni: 

  1. No mushroom competition in local markets
  2. Accessible to many people in Makeni
  3. Possess the need for food products to sell
  4. Has the means to buy our mushrooms in bulk so we can turn a profit and reinvest in ourselves
  5. Since the markets are relatively close, this would reduce the chances of the mushrooms being contaminated

World Hope International:

  1. Provides us with funding for our project in Sierra Leone
  2. Provides us with housing in Sierra Leone
  3. Provides us with transportation in Sierra Leone
  4. Provides us with connections to people in Sierra Leone that can aid our venture
  5. Provides us with a platform to present our ideas and ventures

Jawara (employee):

  1. Has a degree in agriculture which makes him very suitable to learn how to grow mushrooms
  2. Communicates well with our group as well as people in Sierra Leone
  3. Aids in getting physical resources for us to use when in Sierra Leone
  4. Can act as a translator between us and people we need to speak with in Sierra Leone
  5. Understands the culture of Sierra Leone and can offer us guidance in our interactions

Identify three ways in which you will validate your project concept, technology, usability, and business model. 

Usability — how many kilograms of our mushrooms are bought by the markets will gauge how well mushrooms integrate into the culture of Sierra Leone

Business model — the amount of money we receive from the markets that we can reinvest into our venture

Project concept — reduction in the percentage of children in Makeni hospitalized for malnutrition

Give three examples of something very interesting you learned from a friend that was a completely alien concept to you. 

A friend introduced me to programming and had me learn C++ on my own through documentation during high school. From stereotypes I always thought programming was robotic and monotonous. I was amazed to find how creative and intelligent you have to be to become a good programmer, and it has become a favorite hobby of mine since.

The same friend in high school also introduced me to many new areas of mathematics that he was studying such as set theory, topology, and competitive math. I enjoyed him trying to teach me some concepts he found interesting, but my failure to grasp most of them really humbled me in my abilities. I realized how vast and in depth the field of mathematics is, and the various applications truly opened my eyes to an amazing and different world.

Khanjan Mehta presented our class with a subject that was extremely interesting to me and was something I never considered before. He showed us numerous examples of conflicting cultural ideas within projects and ad campaigns that truly changed my way of thinking. From which direction your ad is read to how a logo might appear as characters in another language, there is so much to consider before implementing projects in other countries. You must have great insight into the culture you are working with or else you are at risk of having your venture fail due to cultural misconceptions.


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