Learning Through Making and Creativity

How should you decide your space with learning and creativity at the forefront?  It is important on focusing on the 4C Skills:

  • Creativity – encourage exploring by using a variety of tools, techniques and ideas
  • Collaboration – encourage team work, provide input and feedback
  • Communication – explain and encourage proper techniques, keep your Website or other marketing materials up-to-date
  • Critical Thinking – offer suggestions on how to alter a project, how to tinker with  other parts for your final outcome

There should always be an expert on site to assist with questions, to offer guidance and suggestions and to encourage the audience to keep on trying different things.

REMEMBER – this space should be a creative and helpful environment.  You don’t want your audience to become discouraged and not want to come back.  Encourage persistence and offer constructive feedback.  It is ok to re-do your project over and over.  That’s how we learn!

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