Tools and Tech

The tools and technology in your space are critical to your audience.  Because you already established this in the planning stages, you already have a good idea of what you need for a great space.

  • How does authentic training impact learners of all ages?
    • When someone is learning a new tool or technology, it is important to be guided by an expert.                                                                                   
  • What makes learning these tools important for students?
    • Learning new skills or technologies can give learners a sense  of accomplishment – the “I did it” moment!
    • This may create a community of teachers and learners.  Once you empower another, they will pass it on.  This is how you create a maker community
  • What tools do you think are essential for your space
    • This will obviously depend on the type of environment your want to create
    • You can always add new tools as your space develops.  Encourage the input of your audience.  What would they like to learn?

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