IRB and Logic Model

As part of Project Plastikan, we won’t need to apply for IRB approval. We won’t be conducting research on the women of the co-op in the Philippines, instead, we’ll just be helping them develop a recycling system.

Our inputs will include the knowledge and time of all the various stakeholders in our project including the students at Lehigh and at UPD. We will also utilize materials to build the machines, in addition to plastics to run through the process.

Our outputs will reach the women’s co-op in the Philippines and the surrounding community of Malabon. The students will develop the various pieces of knowledge that come from planning and implementing various parts of the recycling project. The actual products being developed from the machines are still to be determined, but those will be our most tangible outputs. This will most likely be delivered to retailers. We intend to write a paper detailing the types of products that can be made with the machines and the best kinds of plastics to develop the products with. We will also be conducting a workshop both at Lehigh and in the Philippines which will involve disseminating knowledge to others.

Our outcomes will include the knowledge gained by all the students and the women of the community in the Philippines. In the short term, the women of the community will hopefully gain further economic stability and be able to provide for their families more. The plastic collected from the community will hopefully lead to a cleaner community overall. If this system works, we hope communities other than the one in Malabon will also begin to see the value in the program and more plastics will begin to be recycled in the Philippines, making a larger impact on the plastics problem in the country as a whole.