Day 13: Rosanda

Today we travelled to the village of Rosanda, another place that was heavily impacted by the 2014 Ebola outbreak. As usual, we met with the village chief to gain approval to administer our survey and he welcomed and thanked us for our efforts. World Hope had installed a water pump in Rosanda, so the chief was very familiar with WHI.

Unfortunately, this was our hardest day of surveying to date. We were met with a lot of people who did not want to take the survey which was unlike other places we have travelled to. Even the other village that was very impacted by Ebola welcomed us and was very willing to participate. Both surveying teams at one point got 7 “no”s in a row which had never happened. It was interesting because from the surveys we did complete, almost everyone had no education or just a primary school education, regardless of age or gender. This was very different from other places we had visited as even in more remote villages most people had at least completed Junior Secondary school. As a justification for saying “no”, some people said that they “weren’t in need of resources” and “didn’t have health issues”, despite the village heavily relying on the water well World Hope installed for them and having one of the highest rates of Ebola in the area during the 2014 outbreak. It was a little discouraging and frustrating to have so many refusals, especially since people there spent most of the day sitting on their porches watching us or crowding us to listen to other interviews. We’re hoping that our day tomorrow goes smoother and that we can get our purpose across successfully again.


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