Week 10

List five take-aways from Guy Kawasaki’s talk and explain exactly how you will integrate that concept/construct/strategy into your project. Make it compelling. Don’t write generic forgettable text.

  • The 10/20/30 rule that Guy talked about was really helpful. It’s a really good guideline on how to structure presentations in a concise way. I think that it would also help us with being able to present better because if we put less words on the presentation (30pt font) then we would be more inclined to really know our material and not rely on the presentation
  • His confidence and charisma are thing that I want to carry into my project. He carried himself in a way that made you want to listen to him, and completely trust that he knew what he was talking about. I didn’t have any doubt in my mind that he was knowledgeable in his topic and I want my audiences to have that faith in me when I present in front of them or try to teach them things about my project.
  • Hiring people who are better than you. This really struck home with me because we are in the process of getting more people on our team. We had to interview applicants and make sure that they are qualified. We were able to follow this advice and get a grad student to join our team. She is very qualified and really passionate about this project.
  • Developing a mantra. I think that one of the things that we struggle with is figuring out exactly how to describe what it is that we’re doing. We have a lot of threads and sometimes it can be a struggle to bring it all together in a sentence or phrase. I think that a good mantra for our project would be something along the lines of “empowering women through plastic recycling.”
  • Just get it done. This mindset would be really valuable for our team to adopt. I think that we have a habit of waiting for someone (team member, team mentor etc) to tell us what to do next when we really just need to get the initiative to do the things that need to be done. We should stop waiting until the last minute to work on assignments (lol @me writing this blog post 2 hours before its due).


In partnership with one or at most two team members, present a business model canvas for your venture.

  • Customer Segments
    • Industrial materials buyers
    • Restaurant owners
    • Artisanal markets
  • Value Propositions
    • Recycled plastic goods (industrial, artisanal)
  • Channels
    • Markets
    • Agents?
  • Customer Relationships
    • Agents?
  • Revenue Streams
    • Payment for the products from the consumers
  • Key Resources
    • Machine plans
    • Availability of human workers
    • Availability of plastic
  • Key Activities
    • Production of goods with recycling machinery
  • Key Partners
    • Lehigh
    • UPD
    • Local government
    • Bishops Council
    • Plastic Industry Expert
  • Cost Structure
    • Payment for recycling plastic
    • Payment of employees
    • Cost to maintain the machines
    • Cost to maintain the facilities


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