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  • Book Trailer Boot Camp
    Join me for this information packed program which will give you all the tools you’ll need to teach your library’s teens how to make creative, online book trailers! Designed as an immersion class, this class runs for 12 hours over the period of two days. At the end of the program, you will have two book trailers you’ve created and the confidence to pay those skills forward.
  • Digital Storytelling
    Intended for middle school students, this workshop explores how to select creative works for incorporation into a portfolio. I then work with students to infuse each portfolio with multimedia elements specific to their portfolio. This workshop is four hours in length and can be spread out over two days.
  • Social Media 101
    Learn how to create an online communications plan as well as a social media policy for your organization. We’ll also explore a variety of social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, and more!) as well as how to use analytics to track audience response. This workshop is 6 hours in length and can be spread out over a number of days. It is not necessary to have social media accounts prior to class.
  • Documentary Storytelling
    In this class, we will explore a variety of documentary film formats with an emphasis on understanding narrative structure, composition, and visual composition. Students then explore the production side of the documentary film by producing and editing a film short five minutes in length.