Understanding the Term

To understand the Refugee Crisis it is essential to understand the meaning and the connotation of the word “refugee.” This term is usually confused with the word “immigrant” since it has very similar meanings. UNHCR, the agency of the United Nations committed to help refugees all over the world, made a video to explain the definition and the processes required to qualify as a refugee.


Every state has different legal requirements to accept refugees into the country. The refugee population is increasing substantially over the years and countries with more refugee influence, such as the EU and the U.S, are restricting certain populations to request refuge. It is important to understand that refugees are not a threat to society since they have no interest into harming the refuge country. Refugees go to another country to survive deadly attacks. Some states do not have the resources to accept a large amount of refugees into their country; however, understanding the term “refugee” can help other countries with resources to empathize with this population and help them.

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