2021 Leadership Plaza Inductees

Leadership Plaza recognition society was established in 1994 in appreciation of the alumni and friends whose gifts to the university exceed $1 million. Lehigh recognizes those who have surpassed this threshold by engraving their names in stone on Leadership Plaza benches outside of the Alumni Memorial building. This tribute serves as a reminder that Lehigh continues to thrive because of the generosity of our donors.

Their support ensures Lehigh is able to provide students not only with knowledge and insight but also with a transformative experience that will enable them to become the kinds of leaders on which our world depends. They enrich the Lehigh experience by providing scholarships, faculty support, exceptional facilities, outstanding learning programs, and much more.

Reflections on Philanthropy

Leadership Plaza inductees were invited to share their thoughts on Lehigh, the importance of generosity, and the transformative power of education.

Julie ’20P ’21P and Jordan Hitch ’88 ’20P ’21P

Jordan and Julie Hitch pose in Leadership Plaza on Lehigh University's campus

Lehigh was a very important part of my growth and development, and I am honored to give back and support the institution. In particular, the student experience is very important to me, and I believe that at Lehigh this is distinguished by the university’s unique combination of medium size, culture of hard work, and wide set of interdisciplinary opportunities. I am excited that Lehigh has made financial aid a crucial initiative in the GO campaign, in order to ensure affordability and access for students who deserve the kind of life-changing experiences that Lehigh can offer. I believe that the university’s primary mission is to educate and develop young adults and young leaders, and because of Lehigh’s distinctive strengths, we will be able to carry out this mission and thrive well into the future.

—Jordan Hitch ’88 ’20P ’21P

Hyo S. Lee ’76G ’80G

Hyo Lee

There are several reasons why I support graduate education at Lehigh. Having earned both my master’s and doctoral degrees here, I am grateful to the university for giving me the foundation that started my own company, Science Engineering Services. Lehigh is also a place that values academic freedom, as I do. By supporting its dynamic research environment, I see my giving to graduate education as a way to train future generations of scientists to be the new knowledge creators and innovators the world needs. Finally, I give to Lehigh in honor of my faculty adviser, Professor Yong Kim, who was my most valued mentor when I was a graduate student.

Hannah and James D. Miller ’64 ’67G ’87P ’90P

Hannah and James D. Miller

As a student, I felt extremely proud to be part of the Lehigh community. All these years later, I still carry forward that sense of pride and belonging. In my senior year, we pledged $20 per year for 20 years. Today, I give to athletics, endowed scholarship, and to Lehigh Business. I admire how Lehigh continues to produce programs that are relevant in the world. It’s never stagnant. The university has adapted and changed with the times and done it well. The College of Health is a good example. Another is the effort to grow the undergraduate and graduate student populations. It’s important to have a mix of students on campus that reflects our society. It’s also important to give young people opportunities they otherwise would not have. Fortunately, we have the applicants and reputation to make that happen. Lehigh has always taught practical skills and produced leaders. The success of its students, in whatever field they enter, is something else I continue to be proud of and always will be.

—James D. Miller ’64 ’67G ’87P ’90P