Alec Bodzin

Alec Bodzin

Alec Bodzin
College of Education

Nominated by:
Lisa Grossbauer, Daria Kotelnikova, Xeniya Volkova

Comments from nominator:
Lisa Grossbauer: I was recently accepted into the TLT doctoral program and Dr. Bodzin has been critical in straightening out my schedule issues, answering questions as I navigate a new system, and guiding me with career advice. He secured funding for my classes this semester which truly helped my ability to stay in the program.

Daria Kotelnikova: The content of their lessons is superb, they guide in a clear way that helps learning.

Xeniya Volkova: Dr. Alec Bodzin is a very talented instructor who was able to turn an asynchronous online class into a great learning experience, which has been one of the best for me at Lehigh so far. I am also grateful for his care for the international students in his class.

Mentor comments:
A relationship to provide growth and development. It's a way of giving back. My doctoral mentor professor provided me with a great supportive mentoring experience.