Word Roots Presentation

*Please observe this PowerPoint only 5 and 6 page.

While learning English, I often saw words of similar shape. This project helped understand those words meaning and developed the ability to guess the meaning of words while the reading. I learned from this activity that many English words came from Latin. And I realized that there were many words associated with a single root word.

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Interview with Professor & Class Observe

The final task for this class was to integrate many things that had been learned. The first step was to find a professor at Lehigh in my major field and interview the professor. In my case, I majored in business, so I interviewed a professor who taught economic at Lehigh business major department. Next, I had to attend one of the lectures by the professor. I checked the professor’s timetable and took part in a lecture that connected the environment with the economy.

The purpose of the project was to compare the educational environment of Korea and United States. Therefore, I observed the atmosphere of the lecture by taking detailed notes in worksheet that we received from Elena.

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Farmer’s Market


The weather was cloudy. It rained a little, but it also felt better to walk around the market. Joyful noises and warmth from a vibrant market, merchant and dancing man filled the square. The market wasn’t not so big, but everything was there. Fresh vegetables, fruits, warm baked breads, exotic food trucks with strong spices and sweet dessert trucks. The food I chose was an Egyptian food truck which did not have many opportunities to experience to me.

Among them, a friend who knew about the menu, Mohamed, tried the Shawarma and also he recommended it to me. It was a wrap-like sandwich with unfamiliar spices and familiar ingredients, and it was a great combination of savory bread, fresh vegetables, and well-done chicken. And he bought us another kind of food before I even finished eating all the amazing Shawarma. After sharing the flavors that I had never experienced, I went to the bakery that I was most looking forward to. Dan recommended some bread to me, and I could choice the most eagerly anticipated cookies and some kind of nice, well-done bread on the spot. The meals and desserts with melted chocolate, chewy bread and warm pre-purchased coffee were satisfying and stable enough to want to eat even more. I had a meal with my friends, small jokes and lively Farmer’s Market, which was fun enough not only once but one more to try all the food.


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Time Reading

*wpm: word per minute

We read as much as we could for five minutes to increase reading concentration and speed. I was slow to read for five minutes because I wasn’t good at reading as other friends as and didn’t want to miss the detail. When I first challenged the time reading for these reasons, reading every sentence was slowing me down. So in the next reading, I tried to skip the unnecessary information and read it. According to the table, this clearly reduced reading time but did not increase accuracy. Because I missed a lot of the problems in mini test that based on the content after finishing the time reading.

But in the end, it also succeeded in checking only really important information and saving a little time. As a result, the accuracy of reading comprehension has also been improved because only useful information can be obtained when solving problems. Through this activity, I learned not only importance of focus and check carefully, but also read quickly and become familiar.

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2nd Essay: Process Essay


The purpose of the second essay was to set a specific topic and explain the process. My topic was an essay for trip to Seoul, where is my hometown. I was really happy to write this essay because I thought about Korea and the neighborhood I grew up throughout in this writing. I felt like planning a trip with my friends or family. The most enjoyable paragraph is about Korean food, which reminds me of the spicy taste. There were still many unorganized sentences, but it was a good experience to me because I wrote a successful essay for the purpose of the class.

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Surprise Birthday Party

It was the birthday of Dr. Murphy, our StepUp course writing teacher. Kevin and I planned surprise birthday party with classmates. At the ice cream cake shop, the clerk recommended that I could letter at top of the cake.


So I confidently challenged lettering. I was a little sad because there was only blue pigment, but it was happy that Dr. Murphy was love to see the cake! I think it was a successful birthday party. Because we wanted to give her a birthday present that wouldn’t be forgotten over time.

Happy birthday Dr. Murphy! 

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“Fresh Water” Reflection: Overcome the Paradox and Irony

Water: Overcome the Paradox and Irony

Barbara Kingsolve. (2010), Fresh Water, National Geographic.

Name: Hyomin, Shin

Teacher: Mary Newbegin

Class: Reading & Discussion

In this article, “Fresh Water, Barbara Kingsolver(2010) describes water and all its connections to human life. At the same time, she explain how these connections have changed compared to the past and how they have affected human life. The most impressive point is that article used metaphorical expressions instead of describing directly how humans destroyed the environment. “Fresh Water” ironically explains by providing examples of how  water, which has made the earth and has been an essential element of human development, is changing. The wonders of nature and the wonders of the environmetal systems of water that have kept the Earth safe for a long time.

Barbara Kingsolver was only talked about water, and all the natural cycles were connected to it. She raise awareness about the importance of water and the changing ecosystem for all the people in the earth who use water or live their lives using water. While analyzing the causes of the changing environment, this article share the social problems that effected by these cause, like disasters, water shortages and melting glaciers. So all of the article, Barbara lead a story with a calm and cautious tone. Especially when author explain and describe nature, “One astonishing morning, we had a visitation of frogs. Dozens of them hurtled up from the grass ahead of our feet, launching themselves, white-bellied, in bouncing arcs, as if we’d been caught in a downpour of amphibians. It seemed to mark the dawning of some new aqueous age.” even I feel some wonder in this description.

During the reading, there were many parables and symbols in the article. Such parts were difficult to understand, but the strategy that helped me was the taking notes by checking the main points or underlining each paragraph to identify unknown words was most helpful way for understanding. The biggest feature of this article is that used it rich vocabulary more than all the material I’ve been seen. So the process of finding unfamiliar words was especially interesting. The most interesting vocabulary word was ‘Irrigate’. The word is not only a new

Finally, I think the main theme of this article and each paragraphs come together into one point. The cycle of nature, which is a huge social issue, must be solved for humans living in modern society. Humans depend on nature and at the same time, destroy it. In Fresh Water (Kingsolver, 2010) said, “Our vital fluids are saline, like the ocean.” This strange paradox has been constantly questioned and ignored for the human comfort and development. If nature is finally destroyed beyond retrieval, how can mankind survive? There are many ways. To find new planets, build marine cities, and recycle resources, but no clear answer has been given yet. However, there needs to be constant discussion as it has not yet been resolved. In 「No Apparent Distress」 (Rachel Pearson, 2017), Rachel Pearson said “Matt cares about fish more than anyone I’ve ever known -he thinks they’re neat animals, and beautiful, and he loves them- so I trust him on this point.” Humans catch fish and protect them at the same time , just as fishermen Matt. As we were discussing the paradox and the irony of the strange coexistence of nature and man.

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Literature Circle Role







During one semester, we read the “No Apparent Distress” (Rachel Pearson, 2017) which wrote social problems from the point of view of the doctor. Based on this book we read, we changed the role for played the discussion in every week. While I read the whole book, I’ve done all of the literature circle roles at least once. All the roles were interesting, but the most interesting thing for me was the culture collector and the discussion leader. I was fascinated by the serious social problems that appeared in every chapter and the topic of the writer’s feelings from our different perspectives. And this book was very personally meaningful to me because it was the first English book that I read. So I was totally got into the process of all the stories, all the characters and all the discussions that made up the book. At first, there was a lot of confusion and incomprehension, but as a result I read both this book and Rachel Pearson’s life. And I’m feel proud of the wonderful discussion that me and my classmates have made.

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Campus Service Interview: LUPD & LUBD

I interviewed the people who work in Lehigh departments. The first department was the police department, and second one was the transportation department in Lehigh university. Zhe and I, we made a question sheet and processed the interview with use the etiquette which learned in class.

Before the contact, we sending the e-mail for permission to interview with interviewee, and wrote the polite sentences for request.



[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/hys218/files/2018/10/Campus-Survice-pdf-1sulwkf.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ]

*Observe the attached presentation pages 5, 7, 11,13*

Before the presentation, I tried to pronounce accurately and memories all information for introduce. And finally, after finished the presentation, I got a better evaluation than last presentation. Especially pronunciation and communication with audience.

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