Literature Circle Role







During one semester, we read the “No Apparent Distress” (Rachel Pearson, 2017) which wrote social problems from the point of view of the doctor. Based on this book we read, we changed the role for played the discussion in every week. While I read the whole book, I’ve done all of the literature circle roles at least once. All the roles were interesting, but the most interesting thing for me was the culture collector and the discussion leader. I was fascinated by the serious social problems that appeared in every chapter and the topic of the writer’s feelings from our different perspectives. And this book was very personally meaningful to me because it was the first English book that I read. So I was totally got into the process of all the stories, all the characters and all the discussions that made up the book. At first, there was a lot of confusion and incomprehension, but as a result I read both this book and Rachel Pearson’s life. And I’m feel proud of the wonderful discussion that me and my classmates have made.

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